Atomic Dogs are a four piece rock band with an edge influenced by many artists. Their eclectic song list and eclectic influences are evidenced by their high energy live show which will take you from old classics to modern tunes as well, playing tunes most bands will not attempt, thus satisfying their crowds with their diverse songs and sound. Although the Dogs play cover tunes required for clubs and events, they set their sights on original music as well.

The band is fronted by William Baugh, singer for recording artist Valentine Saloon and now, Atomic Dogs; not only is William a dynamic front man with a voice to handle any challenge, he also plays a blistering guitar as well, playing many dual guitar parts with lead guitarist Chad Selby, thus there is no emptiness in this group! Chad Selby is an amazing guitarist, and can achieve any sound necessary to meet the required tone and style for any song. Drummer Craig Deloach and bassist Mark Lemmons create a thunderous foundation for the band, holding everything together to allow Chad and William to explore and stretch the band to greater heights. Both Craig and Mark are also incredibly solid players with diverse styles and use dynamics to create both a hard driving rhythm foundation where necessary, and also have the ability to bring different time signatures into play to open the door for the band to explore many different styles of rock tunes.

Collectively the members of Atomic Dogs have opened shows for bands such as Black Oak Arkansas, Skid Row, Slash, Rob Zombie, Jackyl, The Ramones, Iggy Pop, Jane’s Addiction, Buckcherry and others. Atomic Dogs won best un-signed rock band in the country for 2017 as awarded by Akademia Music; Atomic Dogs currently have radio play on stations throughout the world, and will be attending the Akademia Award presentations in LA next year. The band invites all to come experience their live show; those that do, will not be disappointed!